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George Asin

George Asin

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Name George Asin
Club: Kenya Commercial Bank RFC
Status current
Position: Hooker
Profile Hits 1787

George Asin

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High school: London College of St.Lawrence O' Level
High school: St.Lawrence College Paris-Palais A' Level(Kampala Uganda)
Campus: Makerere University Kampala
Date of Birth:  09/01/1989 . (9th January)
Nickname: Asinovic
Area of profession: I.T
Rugby positions - Hooker
Rugby interest: While in form 1
Role mode : Paul 'Sketchez' Okech
Aspirations: To mentor other upcoming hookers.

George Asin listens to alot of Lingala Music. He is the 5th born in a family of 11.
He hates the Gym. He previously played for Mwamba in his early years in Rugby.
Asinovic means 'son of Asin' in Russian...him being a chelsea fan,his friends chose to curve out the name from his favourite player Branislav Ivanovic.

Twitter : @Joegasin

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