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James Kubasu

James Kubasu

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Name James Kubasu
Club: Resolution Impala Saracens
Status current
Position: Flanker
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James Chabal Kubasu
Photo : James

High School: Strathmore School (2008-2011)

University: Strathmore University

Date of birth: 27/10/1993

Nickname: Chabal
Previous club : Pan Africa Strathmore Leos.
He joined Impala in late 2016.

Area of Profession: Law

Rugby Positions: Flanker, Number 8

When he got interested in Rugby: In 2008 as a form one student

When he started playing: Also in 2008 as a form one student

Role Model: Sebastian Chabal

Aspirations: To one day play for the national 15s side.

James Kubasu is a dedicated player and fan of the game. He also loves music and currently (2015) enjoys studying the law.

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