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John Koech

John Koech

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Name John Koech
Club: Molo RFC
Status current
Position: Hooker
Profile Hits 904

Pic : John Koech. via Koech
Pic : John Koech. via Koech

Former club : JKUAT Cougars and Nondies

High school : Nairobi School.
Campus : Jkuat Main.
Date of birth : 7th January.
Profession : Systems administrator,
Positions : Hooker.

He started playing rugby back in Nairobi school where he started as a flanker then moved to hooker.

Role model : Michael Aung the former Kenya 15's captain.

"After my playing days planning to involve myself in developing rugby in the lower levels and help nurture new talent" ~ John Koech.

John Koech is quite a simple guy who treats everything like rugby; start hard and finish easy

Instagram @frayz_koech
Facebook : LeCompt

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