Photo: Kenya XVs Team manager Wangila Simiyu

The Simba XV’s squad that will fly to Namibia was named on Tuesday 4th August 2015 at the RFUEA grounds.

The team is set to leave for Namibia on 6th August where they will face the hosts Namibia in an Africa cup division 1A match on 8th August in Windhoek.

Kenya fifteens has beaten Namibia in the last two meetings and our boys will go with a lot of confidence in this match.

A win for Kenya XVs against Namibia shall see them rise to the best position ever in the world rugby standings.

This will lead to funding from World Rugby (IRB) and there will be more test matches next year for Kenya both home and away.

 “It’s not once we have beaten Zimbabwe and Namibia it’s just that when we were in Zimbabwe technically it was a game that could have gone both ways.”

Wangila pointed out about errors.

“Small errors cost us the game against Zimbabwe and against Namibia it’s a good game because the European side have seen what we are made of. We have won the hardest games we have ever played as a country was the game against Spain. “

“It’s a question of our technical approach on Saturday we have been working on our mistakes remember as we have been building on, our error rates have been reducing and we have actually been working on our weak points and that’s actually what we are going to do on Saturday is to make sure our error rate is less than 10 to 5 or 15% but if you have an error rate of more than 30-40% with a good team you will lose. “

“We’ve looked at the track record of Namibia, the same was said against Spain, Portugal and Tunisia that they have prepared well, that they have been having friendlies; the same Namibia that was beaten so badly by Spain, the same Namibia was taught a lesson by other countries. “

Game approach

“To us we respect each opponent; to us we have a different way of approaching games. We have looked at and analyzed all the games they have played and that is what we have been working against whereby we would like to make their strong points their weak points to our advantage.”

 “So what I would say the team is prepared and ready because 65% of the game is won off the pitch and the rest is technical which we have polished all those areas so I expect a good game on Saturday and we expect that when we land back at JKIA on Sunday, we come back with the Africa cup and nothing short of that. “

“Namibia are technically superior but we were also technically superior against Spain, Portugal and Tunisia. There is a very big improvement in the team and that’s why am appealing for a lot of support. I would assess the team performance to about 85-90% success. “

“If we are to compete next year let’s say in Vodacom cup or such level, we need a squad of 35-40 so that again we develop these same players for clubs. “

“Max Adaka, Nick Baraza, Edwin Achayo have all recovered and this has given us pressure as the technical bench in terms of selection. “ Wangila Simiyu concluded.


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