Photo : Kenya Rugby Union Chairman Richard Omwela.

Early this year, Kenya rugby got a big blow as “Money bags” Safaricom Limited pulled off the plug on rugby sponsorship. A few days later, Bamburi Cement also withdrew their sponsorship to Kenya Rugby Union and Bamburi Rugby Super Series (BRSS) did not take place.

In a meeting held on Thursday 6th August 2015 at Hotel Royal Orchid Azure in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya Rugby Union Chairman Mr Richard Omwela explained what led to this blows and what the union is currently working on to shape up things.

“Last year we had Bamburi Rugby Super Series and the only thing that the board was asked for I think was the income and expenditure statement, that has not happened. Last year came and went so this year Bamburi said why should we give you more money yet you haven’t accounted for the money that you had, as simple as that and so Bamburi didn’t happen this year.”  Richard Omwela said.

Richard Omwela was elected as the Chairman of the Kenya Rugby Union on the 17th of March and one of the key things he said was that KRU must engage sponsors and get them back on board because they were going nowhere as the union without sponsorship.


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