Photo:  Bob Collymore (CEO - Safaricom), Richard Omwela (Chairman - KRU) and Chris Diaz (Marketing Director, Kenya Airways).

In a meeting with the press held on 6th August 2015 at the Hotel Royal Orchid Azure, Kenya Airways Marketing director, Mr. Chris Diaz said that KQ are looking forward to continue sponsoring the national sevens a side team although he pointed out that Kenya Rugby Union should solve corruption issues.

“We are pleased to say that we have been sponsoring the rugby sevens team and we are really proud to say that the rugby team has performed well and the last world cup they were position four.”

“We have also been sponsoring women’s team to participate in the Dubai competitions and they have done really well. “

“As Kenya Airways am pleased to say that we are reviewing and looking at continuing sponsoring the sevens team but first as Bob has just said we request the chairman to look at the issues that we have raised, we have written several letters to him and he has replied us positively.”

“We have seen progress but we will be able to review the sponsorship going forward after a number of issues have been fully addressed. We wish to be part of sponsoring rugby and we wish them a lot of success. “ Mr. Chris Diaz said.


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