Photo: Kenya Lionesses training earlier this week. (Philadelphia Olando and Laventer Oguta)

Kenya Lionesses head coach, Michael Shamia said the Lionesses have had good preparations ahead of the Olympics qualifiers. The team leaves on Thursday 24th September and will arrive at Johannesburg at around 8.30 pm.

“No injury concerns for now the girls are in good shape, they are psyched up, their minds are set for the qualifier. We are not in South Africa now yet all participating teams are already there. Being in our high performance set up is not easy, it is very expensive. “

“In terms of preparedness the girls have worked hard in the last eleven weeks. They have put in their hearts and sacrifices while we as the technical team have structured and strategized and we hope to have a good time in South Africa. We will look at neither Tunisia nor Madagascar as a threat, but rather play one game at a time as each game has got its own game plan and we believe we will have a good result. “

The training has been good and Shamia was happy to report that there are neither injuries nor any major concerns. The growth has been tremendous with some new energy and talents coming up.

He added that there is no pressure whatsoever since on a good day any team can perform even a small team can win a match of which he perceives that his squad will have a good day since the squad is full of good players.

“We will post the best result which is to qualify for the Olympics and we will go there optimistic playing one game at a time. We hope to come out strong in the first day so that our work is cut out easily on the second day. “

 “It is only one team which is to qualify and it’s the team that wants it more that will qualify. There will be a Repo charge tournament at the beginning of January which positions 2,3 and four will take part in it in Russia and it is a tougher tournament that playing in Africa.” Head coach Shamia Concluded.

The Lionesses first opponent is Botswana on Saturday at 10.00 am and Shamia hopes to have good results against them.


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