Going down on 10th October at Jamhuri Park Nairobi, is Red Touch Rugby Festival. Sixteen teams are expected to take part in this tournament. The winning team will carry home Ksh 30,000 while the runner up will pocket ksh 20,000. The third placed team will be rewarded with ksh 10,000.

Other than rugby, there will be family fun, stalls, bar and barbeque.

For more information contact Biko Adema.

Tournament Rules

-This being a 5 aside tournament each team can have a maximum of 8 team members or a minimum of 5.
-The game starts after captains toss a coin to decide who starts play. Play starts at the midway point and the defending team must be 10 metres away
-Play starts with a scratch or tap, the player who starts play is the DUMMY HALF. The dummy half may not score without having first passed the ball to another player within that phase. The player who picks the ball after a touch is also the dummy half and the same rule applies. No try should be awarded if the scoring player is still the dummy half.
-A touch is made when a defender places BOTH hands anywhere on the ball carrier's body. The touched player MUST STOP at the mark where the take was made and place the ball between his legs. Failure to obey the mark will result in a turnover.
-Should the ball roll after being placed, the ball will be deemed open to contest. The ball may also not be held by the touched player for more than 3 seconds following the take. Failure will result in a turnover.
-Each team gets 6 touches to score a try. Should the takes be used up the ball will be turned over.
-The defending team should be 5 metres behind the mark of a touch and 10 metres from the start of a new play. The attacking team will be awarded a penalty advantage should the defense fail to retreat. Repeated infringements will be considered foul play.
-The ball will be deemed in touch should it or the carrying player land on or across the touch lines. A turn over will be awarded against the team that last touched the ball.
-A try will be awarded should the ball be place on or across the opposition's try-line.
-Should the ball be dropped out of hand during play the ball will be turned over. A pass judged to be forward by the referee will also result in a turnover. Passes that fail to go to hand will also result in a turnover.
-Should a turn over be awarded the defending team should retreat and place the ball on the ground immediately. A quick tap must be taken on the mark as judged by the referee.
-There is no kicking permitted during play.
-A penalty is taken when a tap is made, all defenders must have retreated 10 metres from the mark before they are allowed to advance on the dummy half.
-Substitutes may only be made at the start of a new play after the captain informs the referee. A substituted player may only re-enter the game in the next half.
-Foul play consists of any tactics deemed to be malicious. It extends to shirt pulling, holding opposition players, slapping or kicking the ball away, hiding the ball, preventing the opposition from getting the ball following a turnover, obstruction and pushing players out of play. Following a warning a referee may issue a card should incidents of foul play be repeated
-The referee's word is FINAL only a captain may consult with the referee at the end of a play, any players talking to the referee risk a penalty against their team and a warning. Following a warning a player may be carded should they be found talking to the referee again.
-A yellow card results in 2 minutes in the bin before the player can return to play. A red card may be issued for malicious play or a second yellow card offence. A player may not return for the remainder of the game or the next after being issued a red card.
-1 point will be awarded for every try scored. However if scored by a child under 14 years of age, female player, or any male player over 40, 2 points shall be awarded. (Note proof of age may be asked for). The decision of points awarded shall be decided upon by the referee. Which shall be final.
-The total duration per game is 15 minutes , 7 minutes per half with a 1 minute halftime break which will also be used to swap sides.


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