Kenya Rugby union chairman, Mr Richard Omwela is definitely not happy with how corrupt his house is.

In a “Launch of the Global Corruption Report: Sports “event that happened early this week, Omwela had this to say.

“And who is suffering at the end of it all? It’s the men and women in this country who are putting their blood and sweat for the country and it’s such a shame that we watch helplessly, re-elect the same people into sports associations and want to cry about it. We Kenyans have started accepting corruption as a way of life.”

“You get elected today and arrive in a matatu and in three months you are driving a car when you actually don’t have a day job. So where did that money come from? Your guess is as good as mine.”

“Kenyans lets rise up. I understand we may actually not go to Olympics; rugby might be one of those sports that might be affected. We are one of the team sports that has qualified so why are you punishing me for your own mistakes? Why am I being punished because some other Kenyan has felt that they should not be winners? No I think we need to say no. As the chairman of Kenya rugby union am saying no and as Richard Omwela am saying enough is enough. “

And how will corruption affect the rugby sport?

“Sponsors have told me Richard we are not coming back because we believe your board is corrupt. Sponsors are also watching every day to see if the person elected is credible.”

 “Is he/she going to maintain the standards that we stand for and if you don’t maintain their standards that they stand for, the sponsors are going to walk away.”

“ In rugby they have walked away and am trying to get them back but it will come to a time I will say enough is enough as well, I mean I don’t earn a living from rugby or any sport. I have a day job but am trying to do good to the society, am trying to make a change. Corruption is killing the fabric of our society and we must say no!” Richard Omwela Concluded.


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