Photo : Jone Kubu in action for Kabras | Christie 7s 2015 | Courtesy Shujaa Pride.

Anthony Ogot who is Kabras assistant coach and also doubles up as the team manager believes that even though his team has lost four and drawn one match, they are in their best form to win the forthcoming Kenya cup matches.

Anthony said that he is not going to take chances with any side given that the 2015/2016 season is full of surprises proving itself tougher than the previous and cannot be predicted at this stage.

 “We are working very hard so are our opponents. This season does not have any easy match as a team might register a win this weekend and a loss in the other weekend,” Said Ogot.

Anthony Ogot is still eyeing the top prize after his boys made a comeback this year and decided to play their hearts out.

Kabras made good signings before the start of Kenya Cup bringing the likes of Max Adaka and Fabian Olando both from KCB to their camp.

“We did not play well in all our last year’s matches especially after we signed up ten new players. We are now settled and the players’ good attitude has come in handy as they are ready to learn, train hard and play harder each day,”  Ogot concluded.


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