Photo : Blak Blad Squad | Courtesy Linephotography_he

The team has a come back of their long time loose head prop Chris Rabut. Steve Odhiambo making his first appearance after a 3 month injury, the team is ready for today's derby as they know what Mean Machine can offer and we can't dismiss that they are worthy opponents even though they lost to Blak Blad during the recently concluded Kenya Cup.

We caught up with Blak Blad's Chairman, Steven Odhiambo during the week and he said , “We are going for a win and nothing short of that.”

Blak Blad squad.
1. Hamisi Museve
2.Jamlik Karia
3.Chris Rabut
4. Brave Mkoro
5. Brian njenga
6. Franc Obudo
7. Steve Odhiambo
8. Wesley Kidinga(c)
9. Denis Muthethia
10. Ronny Manyasi
11. Clain Nato
12. Ronny Nyagang'a
13. Lenox Odwar
14. Moses Begi
15. Levy Amunga
16. Moses Nyaga
17. Humphrey Litali
18. Raymond Lilako
19. Kelvin Nyausi
20. Lewis Karanja
21. Peter Amayo
22. Ryan Onyango.



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