Photo : Kenya Simba hammering Tunisia | @kenyarugbyqueen 2015

Kenya fifteens will take on Namibia this weekend at Windhoek, a side that outclassed the Simbas the last time they met. We asked Kenya fifteens assistant coach (Dominique Habimana) a few questions concerning this game.

SP: How have you prepared for Saturday's game?
Habimana : The boys are looking good, and in good spirits. We arrived in Windhoek on Sunday evening, and started training on Monday. We're having a productive camp with a good mix of work/rest rythm.

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SP: Have the players done anything specific to prepare in practice?
Habimana: As this is a crucial game, we're upping the intensity and polishing up on the execution.
SP: Do you anticipate it to be a close game?
Habimana: We anticipate a very physical game, but also an entertaining one. We are prepared for both, and the boys are eager to express themselves.
SP: Who will be starting?
Habimana: As I said, we're still looking at everyone's fitness, then decide after our head coach Jerome Paarwater jets in today morning.
SP: Are there any injury worries?
Habimana: From the game, only Edwin Achayo had some discomfort with his thumb, but he's being monitored by Chris Makachia, and he should be okay by tomorrow.
Others are the usual aches and pains which are clearing up.
SP: What are you looking forward to most?
Habimana: I most look forward to our boys fully expressing themselves, and bringing home a result that will put smiles on over 45 million faces.


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