Photo : Past action betwwen KCB and Blak Blad

KCB were crowned as the Katch 7s 2016 champions after edging Menengai Oilers 46-5 in a one sided final played at Kakamega High school grounds on 24th July 2016.

On their way to the final, the bankers beat Karibu 28-0 in the cup quarter final and then registered a 14-7 win over Kabras in the Cup semi final.

University side BlakBlad beat Kisumu RFC 22-0 in the plate final while Nondies won the Bowl final with a narrow 17-12 win over Eldoret Falcons. Mumias were crowned as the shield champions after ther saw off Sigalagala 12-5.

Katch sevens Day one results

Shieywe 33-0 Mbale,
Bungoma 19-12 Mumias,
Sigalagala 35-7 Malava,
Kabras 19-10 Nondies,
Kisumu 24-0 Mbale.
KCB 22-5 Shieywe,
Oilers 29-0 Mumias,
Kabras II 45-0 Sigalagala,
Blak Blad 24-0 Malava,
Bulls 50-7 Bungoma,
Kabras 39-7 Eldoret Falcons,
Nondies 7-21 Karibu,
KCB 61-0 Mbale,
W.Bulls 38-0 Mumias,
Oilers 21-0 Bungoma,
Kabras II 33-0 Malava,
Blad 19-5 Sigalagala,
Kabras 24-7 Karibu,
Nondies 33-7 Falcons,
Falcons 0-36 Karibu,
KCB 28-0 Kisumu,
Bulls 12-5 Oilers,
Kabras II 5-10 Blad,
Kisumu 19-15 Shieywe.

Katch 7s day two results.
Katch sevens Bowl Quarters results

Shieywe17-5 Mumias.
Nondies 24-0 Malava .
Falcons 24-0 Sigalagala.
Bungoma 24-0 Mbale.

Katch sevens Cup Quarter final results

Kabras 34-10 kabras II
Western Bulls 17-10 Kisumu.
Menengai Oilers 17-5 Blak blad.
Kcb 28-0 Karibu.

Katch sevens Shield Semis results

Sigalagala 24-0 Mbale.
Mumias 24-0 Mbale

Katch sevens Bowl Semi final results

Nondies 24-12 Shieywe
Falcons 22-12 Bungoma

Katch sevens Plate Semis

Kisumu 19-15  Kabras II
Blad 22-12 Karibu

Katch sevens Cup Semis

 KCB 14- 7 Kabras
Western Bulls 0-22 Oilers.

Katch sevens Shield Final

Mumias 12-5 Sigalagala

Katch sevens Bowl final

 Nondies 17-12 Eldoret falcons

Katch sevens Plate final

Blad 22-0 Kisumu.

Katch sevens 3/4 playoffs 

Kabras 15-5 Western Bulls

Katch 7s cup final

KCB 46-5 Menengai Oilers.



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