Kenya fifteens saw off Uganda Rugby Cranes yesterday at the RFUEA grounds in the second leg of the Elgon Cup / Africa Cup Division 1A match.

Kenya fifteens assistant coach, Dominique Habimana in a post match interview said he expected a tough match from the Ugandans.

“Uganda really wanted it, but we managed to contain them in the first half and then we spread it up in the second half. That was good for us.”

When asked what was the move to make in tactical substitutions in the second half, Habimana said

“We wanted to speed up the game in the second half because we knew they won't be able to play a speedy game”

“We knew they wanted the grind in the first half, so we matched them in the first half in a pick and drive kind of play and then we spread up the game in the second half”.


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