Photo : Zimbio | Injera 2011 - USA 7s Las Vegas

Kenya sevens Talisman, Collins Injera expects a second born any time from now. Locole opted to travel back home to be with his wife as Dennis Muhanji replaces him in the Kenya sevens squad.

This is what Felix Totty said  “It is of course a life event that we as a team and management do not take for granted.  We appreciate the role loved ones play in the wellbeing of our players and management, they are the unsung heroes who celebrate quietly and soldier emotions in good and bad times. We respect the institution of marriage in the same breath as we do employers and academic institutions.
Yes, Collins plays a pivotal role on and off the pitch and his commitment to the cause is unquestionable. We wish him well and look forward to having him back in training more enthused and as a proud father,”


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