Photo Kamere,Njoki Maina, Ruth Kendi, Willy Ambaka, Hannah Njuguna and Kellie .

Hannah Njuguna Wanjiru‘s a great fan of KCB RFC and  Kenya sevens , shares her poetic gist to Kenya sevens and Kenya rugby in general.

" Sound, trumpet and drum
For thy shujaa have come,
Bowed down ’ Neath their burden of glory;
the songs, the cheers makes everything fun..
The guys are ready to make us proud representing our beautiful country with those outstanding Kits.....
Ready to show the world what we are made of. .
That awesome moment when a Shujaa is running to score a try or in a scrum this makes the whole game lots of fun...
the cheers from fans,
makes every second count...
the commitment, teamwork and love from the rugby players and fans is real....
Go Kenya!! GO!!
Scrum for possession,
Run for the try zone, bleed for the team and live for the game.
To gain points, to win or lose we are the Lions!!
After every try wave at the stands, bench over there
punch the sky, wink at the crowd
sing ,We are champions really, really loud
dancing and the corner flag
smile, be happy, do the Moonwalk, jump up and down, do the crazy dance celebration you have
rehearsed, Look at the camera,
shout Wabeee!!!!!
 Do it for the love of the game
#Rugby my only True love!!
Rugby Rocks
The game fulfills all my
dreams (in HD) . "

Cheers @hansyshiro #KOTRFC


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