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Six teams have been disqualified from the Kenya Rugby Union Championship league after failing to honor three consecutive matches.
This was discussed and advised by the 2016-2017 League Committee at a League Committee meeting that was held on 24th November 2016.
All rules with respect to disqualification of a team from a Competition as per the 2016-2017 League manuals were put into consideration and as a result, it effected in the KRU Championship standings.

The following teams were disqualified :
Bungoma Sharks RC- Championship League
KEMU RC- Championship League
Brumbies RC- Nation Wide Nairobi League-Clubs
KEMU Nairobi RC- Nation Wide Nairobi League-Universities
MKU Kakamega- Nation Wide Western League- Western Region
Kakamega RC- Nation Wide Western League- Western Region


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