Photo : Winnie Naima of Mwamba in action against Nakuru ladies.

The following rules are subject to club meeting that was held on 3rd February 2017.

  1. All games will be played for a duration of ten minutes each half including the finals.
  2. Teams will be expected to take to the field of play immediately the on-going game ends, failure to which the referee time will continue to run.
  3. The scrums will be uncontested for the first tournament at Kenyatta university after which a review will be done and clubs in formed accordingly.
  4. Coaches will be restricted on the technical zone and movement on the touch line will not be permitted.
  5. The referee has a right to send a player out for concussion assessment by the medics.
  6. Any player who concusses will not be allowed to continue playing in the tournament
  7. Teams must sign the consent form before being allowed to take part
  8. All teams must submit their team list with names in full.
  9. The manual will be the guiding principal with the few agreed communications in the club meetings also being adhered to.


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