There are over a thousand and one ways to propose to your wife to be. The tale of how a guy proposed will be told to friends, strangers and people he did not even expect.

Some prefer holiday marriage proposals; some do it out in public places, streets, beach, at work and others at home. I thought having a custom jigsaw puzzle made with my picture and the words "Marry Me?" was the most creative way to propose. This is nothing compared to what John did.

John Alan waited for the perfect moment at Hong Kong sevens. He went down on his knees, opened the “ring box”, looked at Louisa straight into her eyes and proposed. “Will you marry me??” What a nervy moment! Louisa reply was so touching “YES I DO”.

So gents what have we learnt? Are you planning to propose to your lady? Well, here is a tip on how to do it. Just do exactly what John did. Take her to a rugby event, wait for the perfect moment, go down to your knees, and do your thing. I bet she won’t say no!!!

This is what 40 years of Hong Kong sevens did to John and Louisa.

Congratulations to John Alan and Louisa.


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