Here's Christie sevens day one results. The matches were played at the RFUEA Grounds

9.00am: Strathmore Leos vs Nondies 5-10
9.18am: Stanbic Mwamba vs Egerton Wasps 34-0
9.36am: Impala Saracens vs Kenya Harlequin 17-17
9.54am: Homeboyz vs Stanbic Pirates 46-5
10.12am: Kabras Sugar vs MMUST 12-19
10.30am: Top Fry Nakuru vs Blak Blad 19-5
10.48am: KCB vs Northern Suburbs Cubs 17-5
11.06am: Menengai Oilers vs Daystar Falcons 29-5

11.24am: Stanbic Mwamba Ladies vs Homeboyz Ladies 12-12
11.42am: Impala Ladies vs Northern Suburbs Ladies 28-0

12.00pm: Strathmore Leos vs Egerton Wasps 36-14
12.18pm: Stanbic Mwamba vs Nondies 24-0
12.36pm: Impala Saracens vs Stanbic Pirates 38-5
12.54pm: Homeboyz RFC vs Kenya Harlequin 17-12
1.12pm: Kabras Sugar vs Blak Blad 12-7
1.30pm: Top Fry Nakuru vs MMUST 24-12
1.48pm: KCB vs Daystar Falcons 26-7
2.06pm: Menengai Oilers vs Northern Suburbs 29-21

2.24pm: Homeboyz Ladies vs Nakuru Ladies 10-10
2.42pm: Northern Suburbs vs Comras 42-5

3.00pm: Nondies vs Egerton Wasps 31-0
3.18pm: Stanbic Mwamba vs Strathmore Leos 14-12
3.36pm: Kenya Harlequin vs Stanbic Pirates 32-7
3.54pm: Homeboyz RFC vs Impala Saracens 5-17
4.12pm: MMUST vs Blak Blad 17-17
4.30pm: Nakuru RFC vs Kabras Sugar 36-12
4.48pm: Northern Suburbs vs Daystar Falcons 24-5
5.06pm: Menengai Oilers vs KCB 5-24

5.24pm: Stanbic Mwamba vs Top Fry Nakuru
5.42pm Impala Ladies vs Comras
6.00pm Ranking Match: A3 vs B3

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