Photo : Kenya Lionesses Head Coach Felix Oloo Ade

Kenya Lionesses Head coach Felix Oloo Ade is keen on expanding the player base. His squad selection was a blend of experienced players and upcoming players.

The Kenya Lionesses are heading to Dubai where they will face France 7s Development, Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix, Belsevens and Aruka Queen Kumagaya in Pool C of the International Invitational Women’s Category.

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The Kenya Lionesses head coach says the team has been through a good but an intense preparation for the past five weeks and he believes that the squad he has selected will perform well.

“We are aiming for a good performance in Dubai and also if possible winning it. We will aiming to get the quarter finals and pick it up from there,” Coach Felix Ade said.

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Speaking to our correspondent on why he included Enid Ouma in his squad, Felix said “It was a high time I give her a chance since she was part of the set up for a long time. I believe she is up to the task bearing in mind she is around 23 years.”

We at Shujaa Pride wish the Kenya Lionesses all the best in Dubai.


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