Photo : Kenya lionesses during a training session. | Courtesy  Mediamax

The Kenya Lionesses national women’s rugby kicks off the Madrid Cup against Russia at 12.22pm and play USA at 2.45pm in a two day, 5-team round-robin tournament at the Campo Rugby Central grounds in Madrid, Spain.

Kicking off on a high against Russia will be technically vital for Lionesses to proceed with improving on their game plan taking a game at a time according to head coach Felix Oloo who will be on prowl for wins.

“We shall kick off on a high and take one game at a time, pick up as we go from there. We have to stick to our game plan and structures so that afterwards we can analyze what works and what does not work for us,” Lionesses head coach Felix Oloo in an interview with Mediamax.

The second day will have Lionesses play hosts Spain at 1.06pm and Poland at 2.34pm and a last match to determine the first tournament’s winner and the team rankings.

“As Lionesses we are equally up to the task. We are out here to try out a few things we introduced in our playing structures and this weekend will offer us the right platform to test our game plans against good opponents. We have not had a game for over one year and this weekend we start afresh, try out some players in different positions and test some different combinations,” Lionesses team manager Camilyne Oyuayo told Shujaa Pride.

Participating teams

Kenya, Spain, USA, Poland and Russia

Fixtures and local timings

Saturday Feb 20th

12.06pm - Lionesses v Russia

4.28pm - Lionesses v USA

Sunday Feb 21st

1.06pm - Lionesses v Spain

2.34pm - Lionesses v Poland


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