Photo : Joshua Chisanga warming up for Kenya XVs before an international test match. | Photo by Alex Njue | Shujaa Pride.

Starts with a whistle,
Few runs,
few jumps,
few sit-ups,
Few press-ups,
few lift-ups,
More push to the body,
Groans of pain,
Tired looks filled with desire,
The passion beats the sweat,
No struggle,
Synced steps add the psyche,
They set to their positions,
Ready! Kick and receive,
The scrumhalf set on pace,
Ready to get the ball,
The props cover the hooker,
The big brother looking out,
Ready to do what he does best during the scrum down,
The second rows behind them,
For support,
The wingers always ready to score,
Their seed is their goal,
Their limit,
The scrum is in progress,
Flankers drive it forward,
Always in motion,
The faster forwards,
The centers ready for the back line passing,
A rotation of its kind,
The fly-half in the go,
Always behind the defense,
Ready to catch the ball,
The full back always motioned,
Unity always showing by the directions,
The possession of the ball,
The strength puts in the steady strides,
The heartbeats closer every moment,
The ball held tightly,
Moved and tossed onto the next,
Every run,
turn drives a rush,
Practice for the best,
Ready to face the opponents,
To give the crowd a worthy match,
For the love of the game,
A game of hearts on field.

By Bea Mong'ina | Follow @beamopoet on twitter.


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