Photo : USIU's Jordan Weaver and team mates receiving an award from KRU . | Photo courtersy of Alex Njue | Shujaa pride.

USIU’s season-ending meltdown was completed at the RFUEA grounds where they drew 5-5 with Nakuru in their last match of the day.

KCB won 78-0 to inflict the students’ heaviest defeat of the season while notching their biggest victory over any club and in the KRU women 10s league.

Six points from their last six matches in the KRU Women 10s league aside indicated a struggle and a collapse of epic proportions. The students were unfazed by this but instead kept on working harder and harder.

The moment we have been all waiting for finally came in the second half while USIU were battling it out with the young energetic Nakuru ladies. Fullback Dana de Grazia will go down into history books as the first ever player to score a try for USIU in the KRU 10s a side women’s rugby league. Unfortunately the conversion was missed.

Dana de Grazia could not hide her excitement as she went ahead to post on here facebook account "With the support of my wonderful team I was able to draw first blood. And we liked the taste. "

"For those of you who don't know Rugby you can score and win with things like "trys". To actually move the ball down the pitch and across the line is rare. For a Forward to do it is rarer still. Some, even at the national level, go years with out scoring this way. My daughter Dana, a forward, just drew first blood and scored with her team USIU Kenya. Go Ladies! “Dana’s father, Mr. Dan de Grazia posted.

USIU women RFC finished fifth on the log.


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