Kenya fifteens captain Brian Nyikuli "Vipul" is optimistic Kenya will register a win on Saturday against Spain although he admits they feel the pressure.

"Of coarse there is pressure. Every time we play a new game or a new team, depending on the last game we played, we are always required to perform. The last game we played, we outdid the team by beating the team 45-15. So of coarse there is pressure.

"The pressure is first for ourselves, for the country and the fellow players who are looking up to us. So pressure is inevitable."

"A good player is defined by how much he takes the pressure. The team is okay. Right now we do not have injuries. We are 100% fit and we will have 100% concentration."

"we will go to the game and do what we do best ! Win, make Kenyans happy and make ourselves happy." Captain Brian Nyikuli concluded.


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