Cyprian Kuto Rugby Profile

Cyprian Kuto

Cyprian Kuto
Cyprian Kuto Rugby Profile
Full Name Cyprian Kuto
Club: Kenya Harlequin
Date of birth : Tue, 24th Nov 1992
Role player
Position Winger
Status current
Profile views 8269
Age : 31 Years

Photo : Cyprian Kuto | Kenya fifteens

High school: Sunshine secondary school Langata.
Campus : Strathmore University.
Date of Birth : 24/11/1992 .
Profession: IT Programming Web design .
Nick Names : jabawaki, speedy . manguvu man.
Twitter : @Cyprian_Kuto
He got in the game in 2009 while he was in form 3 .
Positions : wing, fullback started playing in late 2009.
Role model: sterling mortlock .
Previous club : Pan Africa Strathmore Leons.
He joined Homeboyz in mid 2016 before the Masaku sevens tournament.
He later joined Kenya Harlequins from Homeboyz late in 2017.
Aspirations : To retain the CAR championship and help Kenya qualify for the rugby world cup in 2019 .
Cyprian Kuto is proactive, fun loving and a restless person.

Man of the match : Elgon  cup 2015 : Kenya vs Uganda.
Top try Scorer : Masaku sevens 2016.
7th Aug 2016 : Prinsloo 7s 2016 Most Valuable player .


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