Robert Owino Rugby Profile

Robert Owino

Robert Owino
Robert Owino Rugby Profile
Full Name Robert Owino
Club: Catholic Monks RFC
Date of birth : Fri, 15th Jul 1988
Role player
Position Full back
Status current
Profile views 1707
Age : 35 Years

Photo : Robert "Owis" Owino

High school : Ambira High school.
Campus : Catholic University.
Nickname: Owis.
Date of Birth : 13/07/1988.
Profession : Owis works for wananchi group Kenya limited (zuku fiber).
Rugby positions : He is comfortable in the back three position (Fullback, wing).
Rugby interest : way back in 2002. His cousins used to play hence the interest.
He started playing playing in 2004 when he was a form one student.
Role model : Oscar Osir and Teddy Omondi.

"My aspiration is to one day play for the Simba XVs." ~ Robert Owino.

" I'm a team player, go getter, and a never die attitude. I love hard crunching tackles too." Owis Concluded.


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