Michael Wanjala Rugby Profile

Michael Wanjala

Michael Wanjala
Michael Wanjala Rugby Profile
Full Name Michael Wanjala
Club: Kenya Commercial Bank RFC
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position Scrum half
Status current
Profile views 3519
Age : 35 Years

Michael wanjala
Photo : Michael Wanjala.

High School :Kakamega High School
Campus : JKUAT Zetech
Profession : BACHELOR OF COMMERCE(Specialising in Finance)
Date of Birth : 27/05/1995.
Previous clubs : Homeboyz rugby.
KCB Debut : 13 Feb 2016.
Got interest with rugby in : 2009.
Started playing rugby in : 2010
Role Model :GIBSON WERU (Nakuru RFC )
Aspirations :Being the next great thing in Rugby .
Favourite Quote : "A small stone can't miss a big one since the big one has a lot of space exposed to be hit".

Michael Wanjala is a God fearing, humble,simple,social and loves to crack jokes.


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