Lyle Asiligwa Rugby Profile

Lyle Asiligwa

Lyle Asiligwa
Lyle Asiligwa Rugby Profile
Full Name Lyle Asiligwa
Club: Kenya Harlequin
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position Scrum half
Status current
Profile views 5474
Age : 35 Years

Photo : Lyle Asiligwa | Kenya XVs 2015.
Photo : Lyle Asiligwa | Kenya XVs 2015.

Lyle Asiligwa in action
Photo : Lyle Asiligwa.
Date of Birth : 30/8/1991.
Nick Name : Lylo, Lylex, Lilo, Mse wa looks (He says they are too many).
Area of Profession : Communication Development, a branch in Communication n Journalism.
Lylo has a passion for helping the less fortunate check out where he is the founder and current CEO.
Rugby Positions : Scrum half, fly half and full back.
Lyle Asiligwa started playing rugby in High school he says "Saints is a rugby school, I stopped swimming and soccer for rugby. ".
Role Model :Lote Raikabula and Dan Carter. (at some point he changed his name to theirs).
Aspiration : Being part of the change in Rugby, leaving a legacy and trying to make the game respectable and played by gentlemen.

Worst Career moment.
Lyle picked an injury while playing for Kenya XVs that kept him out for months.

Photo : Lyle Asiligwa


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