Joel Maingi Rugby Profile

Joel Maingi

Joel Maingi
Joel Maingi Rugby Profile
Full Name Joel Maingi
Club: Nondescripts RFC
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position Center
Status current
Profile views 2144
Age : 35 Years

Joel Maingi
Photo : Joel Maingi

High School: Nairobi School
Campus: 2009-2013
Date of Birth : 18/7/1989
Nickname: el capitan, Hitler.
Profession: Economist
Position: Center 12 or 13.
Rugby Year of interest: 2004 in Nairobi School.
Year he started playing: 2004 in Nairobi School and in his first meeting and appearance he was elected captain.
Role Model: Teddy Salano. (Solano is an ultimate leader Rugby)
Aspirations: Play for the National team, 7s.
Joel Maingi is a hard-working, focussed and passionate person.


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