Lamech Bogonko Francis Rugby Profile

Lamech Bogonko Francis

Lamech Bogonko Francis
Lamech Bogonko Francis Rugby Profile
Full Name Lamech Bogonko Francis
Club: Kenya 7s
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role manager
Position Physiotherapist
Status current
Profile views 6123
Age : 35 Years

lamech Francis Bongoko

Photo: Lamech Francis Bogonko

Date of birth : December 4, 1986.
High school : Itierio High school.
Lameck Bogonko Francis completed his Bsc Hons Degree and Masters in South Africa 2013.

He is the current Kenya 7s Physiotherapist.
Profession : Sports Physiotherapist and Sports Injury Prevention Research Consultant.

Instagram : @lamech_2030
Twitter : @LamechFrancis


Lamech Francis Bongoko is Well-credentialed, experienced, humble and
competent. He is one of the best physios we have in the country.


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