Levi Masika Rugby Profile

Levi Masika

Levi Masika
Levi Masika Rugby Profile
Full Name Levi Masika
Club: Kenya Harlequin
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position Lock
Status current
Profile views 1738
Age : 35 Years

Levi Masika

Nick name : Contee Masika
High School : St josephs boys kitale form 1 and 2.
St Patricks Boys at western form 3 and 4.

Date of Birth 1994.

Levi Masika was a footboller but he used to love rugby even his box was decorated with kenya7s players photos like Oscar ouma,collins injera,Patrice Agunda and big Willy Ambaka .

Levi Masika wishes one day trough God's grace he will play like Humphrey Tall or Dan sikuta and become a successful coach like former Kenya 7s coach Mike Friday.

After finishing high school in 2013, he decided to come to Nairobi since he used to stay in kitale but there was no competitive rugby there.

Levi Masika joined Quins without knowing anybody apart from those he used to see in tv. He thanks Quins because they are developed him.He also thanks Patrice Agunda for standind with him.

He says "May God bless Patrice Agunda and the entire fraternity of Kenya sevens,nitapambana hadi niwe mmoja wenyu lazima nifanye kitu to my lovely team."


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