Robert Agutu Samuel Rugby Profile

Robert Agutu Samuel

Robert Agutu Samuel
Robert Agutu Samuel Rugby Profile
Full Name Robert Agutu Samuel
Club: Kenya Harlequin
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position Flanker
Status current
Profile views 1854
Age : 35 Years

Robert Agutu
Photo : Robert Agutu Samuel.

High school :Saint Mary's Nairobi.
Campus : USIU
DOB 25/9/1990
Nickname :stoney, stone or the stoneman

Position: back row preferably 6&8

Agutu got interested in the game as a kid when his dad used to play back in the day.

Robert started playing competitively in 2008

Role model: his dad.

Aspiration: Get quins back where they should be and win many more trophies.

Robert Agutu is a cool calm and collected and determined. He always strives for the best. He is also very humble.


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