Peter Karia Rugby Profile

Peter Karia

Peter Karia
Peter Karia Rugby Profile
Full Name Peter Karia
Club: Kenya Commercial Bank RFC
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position Hooker
Status current
Profile views 5039
Age : 35 Years

Peter Karia
Photo :  Peter Karia | Elgon Cup 2016 | Legends Rugby club

Profile updated on : 6th June 2015.
High school - Ofafa Jericho high school (2009-2012).

Campus- Africa Nazarene University and University of Western Cape (South Africa)

Date of Birth - 16/9/1994.

Nickname- wolvarine

Profession : IT .

position -hooker

Intrested in rugby since 2009.

Started playing in 2009.

Role Model -Salaton Muturi.

Aspiration- "is to inspire others as others inspired me".

Peter Karia got a scholarship after being scouted, at the University of Western Cape in Capetown south Africa.
He will be playing the varsity shield tournament for the club, but when he will be in Kenya, he'll still be part of the The Lions.

Karia spoke to our correspondent on 19th December 2015 and this is what he said,
"I'll be coming also to play for Kenya to increase my international caps and improve rugby In my country. That's my goal. "

Peter Karia is a God loving person, humble and jovial in every manner. He loves noodles and driving cars realy fast. He gets that adrinaline up. He is very fair and kind to all God's creation.



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