John Aluda Beda Rugby Profile

John Aluda Beda

John Aluda Beda
John Aluda Beda Rugby Profile
Full Name John Aluda Beda
Club: Kabras Sugar RFC
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position Winger
Status current
Profile views 3395
Age : 35 Years

John Aluda
Photo : Aluda Beda.

High school: Chavakali Boys.
Campus: Masinde Muliro university.
D.O B: 12/3/1992.
Area of profession: Biotechnology.
Positions: Winger.

John Beda got interested with the game back in 2009. He used to watch guys play in high school.
Aluda started playing rugby in 2012 after long persuasion from his school rugby coach.

He initially played soccer for the school team.
Role model : Collins Injera
Aspirations :  "Playing my game to the highest level possible and to represent my country ".

John is Godfearing,simple and stands accountable for his actions in whatever situation.


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