Lydia Wanjiku Mutongu Rugby Profile

Lydia Wanjiku Mutongu

Lydia Wanjiku Mutongu
Lydia Wanjiku Mutongu Rugby Profile
Full Name Lydia Wanjiku Mutongu
Club: USIU Women RFC
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position Scrum Half
Status current
Profile views 2590
Age : 35 Years

Lydia Wanjiku Mutongu
Photo : Lydia Motongu.

Date of Birth : 9th July 1992.

High school : Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls high school.

Campus : USIU.

Profession : International Relations.
Lydia Mutongu got interested with rugby by just being a fun of the sport which started in campus as most of her friends are rugby players from USIU Martials and being the supporting friend that she is, she went for their games.

Funny how things start out but from this experiences she came to love the game.

They still didn't have a women's rugby team at their campus but one persistent young lady by the name Jordan Weaver took the initiative to market the idea of the women's team.

Wanjiku immediately jumped on that ship and 10 months later they are still growing strong with a few games under their belt making USIU the only university women's rugby team.



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