Stephanie Akeyo Rugby Profile

Stephanie Akeyo

Stephanie Akeyo
Stephanie Akeyo Rugby Profile
Full Name Stephanie Akeyo
Club: Northern Suburbs Ladies
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position winger
Status current
Profile views 2716
Age : 35 Years

stephanie Akeyo
Photo : Akeyo
High school : Butere Girls High School and Our Lady of Mercy High School

Campus : USIU

Date of Birth : December 17th 17/12

Nick name : Stephy and Steph.

Area of profession : International Relations and Music

Rugby Positions : winger.

Akeyo got interested in the game in January 2015 as she wanted to try something new and join a team.

She started playing with USIU in January 2015.
Previous club : USIU.
She joined Northern Suburbs early 2017

She draws her inspiration and learning from Shaun Johnson, Roger Tuivasa- Sheck etc.
"My fellow team mates are also quite inspiring. " She posted.

Aspirations in her rugby career are:
1. To be the best she can be in the sport in her current position.
2. To learn something new.
3. To find a way to positively influence others through this and with what i think i can offer.
4. To show girls and women out there that they can be anyone and do anything that they want to do.

Stephanie is a seeker of happiness and perfection in all that she does. Little things make her very excited and she believes that a good book is a visa of sorts.


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