Newton Ongalo Rugby Profile

Newton Ongalo

Newton Ongalo
Newton Ongalo Rugby Profile
Full Name Newton Ongalo
Club: Kenya 7s
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role manager
Position Team Manager
Status Former
Profile views 5111
Age : 35 Years

Newton Ongalo
Pic : Newton Ongalo. Source Western Bulls.

Team manager : Kenya 7s (11 September 2015).

Clubs : Western Bulls.
Nickname : Newty.
He is a former Kenya 7s and Kenya 15s Player.
Playing positions : Back

Twitter : @tonyrobbin

Newton Ong'alo is an optimistic guy. He looks to the future with hope which helps build morale to those working with him. His positive attitude inspires others and helps them get things done


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