Nick Ongeri Rugby Profile

Nick Ongeri

Nick Ongeri
Nick Ongeri Rugby Profile
Full Name Nick Ongeri
Club: Kenya Commercial Bank RFC
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position Lock
Status current
Profile views 4027
Age : 35 Years

Nick Ongeri
Photo : Nick ongeri

High school :Kisii High School
Campus : Kenyatta University Msc in Sports Admin and Management
Born : 7/5/1987
Nickname: Mwalimu
Area of profession: Sports and Recreation.
Position : Lock.
Other Clubs : Blak Blad RC.
Nick Ongeri got interested in the game back in high school.
He started playing rugby while he was in Form 2.
Role Model: Dennis Mwanja
Aspirations :Play at the highest level and make my country proud.
Mwalimu Nick Ongeri is a down to earth guy in all that he does.


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