Lionel Lewa Rugby Profile

Lionel Lewa

Lionel Lewa
Lionel Lewa Rugby Profile
Full Name Lionel Lewa
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position Fly half
Status current
Profile views 3622
Age : 35 Years

Lionel Lewa
Pic : Lionel Lewa. Source Lewa

High school : Dagoretti High School.
Campus: USIU
Date of birth :  5 Feb 1993.
nickname : Lewa
Area of Profession : culinary arts master(self proclaimed).
Rugby positions : fly half, inside center.
Lewa got interested in the game since form two. He had to choose between rugby and other sports.

"I chose rugby because of my mum (Doris Mwanzia), no regrets ever since " Lionel Lewa.
Role model : Humphrey Kayange.

"I want to play at my very best level wherever I will be and have the most fun while at it."

"I put God first and He always leads me to my greener pastures...nothing to do with luck."

Captain USIU.
Twitter : @lewa_lionel


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