Frank Wanyama Rugby Profile

Frank Wanyama

Frank Wanyama
Frank Wanyama Rugby Profile
Full Name Frank Wanyama
Club: Kenya Harlequin
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position Center
Status current
Profile views 11456
Age : 35 Years

Frank Wanyama during the great rift 10s 2015
Photo : Frank Wanyama in action for Kenya Harlequins | Masaku 7s 2015.

Profile updated on 17-June-2015.

High School: Nakuru High school.
Campus: Actuarial science at Strathmore university and bachelor of Law at University of Nairobi.
Date of Birth : 20/10/1994.

Former Club : Strathmore Leos
Nickname : Animal/magician.
Position : Center- 12 and 13.
He got interested in rugby back then in High school where he also started playing.
Role model : Conrad smith.
Frank Wanyama aspires to go pro in future.

Achievements :
Christie 7s 2015 MVP.
Frank Wanyama was outstanding in the 20th edition of Safari 7s.
Frank wanyama for Shujaa in Safari 7s 2015
Photo : Frank Wanyama celebrating after scoring a try in the safari 7s final against Samurai 7s

Frank Wanyama scoring his first try in the HSBC World rugby 7s series.

A video posted by Shujaa Pride (@kenya_7s) on



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