Elon Sudi Rugby Profile

Elon Sudi

Elon Sudi
Elon Sudi Rugby Profile
Full Name Elon Sudi
Club: Kenya Harlequin
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position center
Status current
Profile views 3019
Age : 35 Years

Photo  :Elon Sudi
Photo  :Elon Sudi

School:Musingu High School
Date of birth : September 27th 1997.
Nickname:Bazenga .
Rugby position: Center / Winger / scrumhalf .
Started playing rugby in 2011 with the help of his brother Eugene Sudi currently in Mwamba and later pursuing it in high school in 2012 .
Role Model: Eugene Sudi, Patrice Agunda ,David Ambunya
"I look forward to play for the kenya 7s aside and also be a role model to other growing talents."

Elon Sudi is a social caring helpful persistent n God fearing man.


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