About Menengai Cream Homeboyz RFC

Menengai Cream Homeboyz RFC

Menengai Cream Homeboyz Rugby Football Club is a rugby club in Nairobi Kenya and was founded at the end of 2009. They train at Ligi Ndogo grounds in Nairobi. Homeboyz RFC are also known as The Deejays.

Any ground is decidedly a good place to be on a day when Homeboyz Rugby Football Club has won a cup. On this occasion, the celebratory dance skills of the players and management is such a joy to watch.

On 28th July 2015, Homeboyz landed a two year Ksh 10 million sponsorship from Menengai Oil Refineries. This deal saw the club change its name from Homeboyz RFC to Menengai Cream Homeboyz RFC.

Homeboyz Rugby Football Club Achievements

- Prinsloo sevens winners.
- Masaku sevens champoins
- Great Rift 10s (Nakuru 10s) Plate Semi finalists

- Dala sevens champoins

-Nairobi 10s runners up
- Masaku 7s 3rd placed
- Christie 7s Bowl Winners.
- Prinloo 7s Runners up.
- Kabeberi 7s Plate winners
- Impala floodlit Semi finalists.
- Driftwood 7s 4th Place
- Dala 7s plate finalists
- Kisii 7s Champions

- Driftwoods sevens winners .
-2nd local 7s circuit.
- Kisii 7s champions

2013 - Kabeberi sevens winners . 2nd local 7s circuit.


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