Photo : left to right (Mike Owino and Frank Ndong)

Resolution Impala Saracens forwards Coach Frank Ndong and Michael "Masti" Owino who is the Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach will attend the first Saracens Global Network Conference to be held in London between 21st August and 26th August 2016.

Since Resolution Impala Saracens is a member of the Saracens Global Club Network, the visit is part of the benefits Impala gains among other technical and commercial initiatives that the partnership delivers.

The Saracens Global Network Conference will bringing together all clubs under the Saracens Global Network.

A range of topics will be covered in the event, from coaching, strength and conditioning, nutrition as well as commercial aspects.

The conference has been designed to offer network clubs access to a wide range of key areas, both rugby and commercial focused.


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