Caption : Menengai Cream Homeboyz rugby Players celebrating.

Ngong road neighbors, Kenya Harlequins and Menengai Cream Homboyz Rugby will go into the fifth round of the National sevens series, Nanyuki sevens, as tournament favorites.

The inaugural Nanyuki sevens will take place at the Nanyuki Sports Club on 10th and 11th September 2016.

The deejays have had an impressive season so far, having won two tournaments out of the possible four.

The deejays bagged 22 points and scored 17 tries in Prinsloo sevens. They lost in the cup final of the Kabeberi sevens to Resolution Impala Saracens but again scored 17 tries in the tournament.

Homeboyz finished as runners up in Driftwood sevens after Kenya Harlequins beat them in the cup final although they went over the whitewash 23 times.
Click here to view the National sevens series standings

The Dala sevens cup final saw a repeat of the Driftwood sevens but this time Homeboyz emerged victorious over their neighbors Kenya Harlequins.

Homeboyz have a total of 82 points while second place Kenya Harlequins have a total of 73 points with each team having touched down 85 and 80 times respectively with two legs remaining ie Nanyuki sevens and Christie sevens.


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