Photo : Shujaa squad | Credits Getty Images

Technical Director Paul Feeney has named shujaa squad to Dubai and Capetown sevens.

Shujaa will play their first against South Africa at 6.54pm EAT on Thursday 5th.
They will then face England the following day (6th December) December at 12:26pm and their Final pool match will be against Spain at 6:32pm.

The team led by captain Andrew Amonde whose focus is to get it right from the beginning.

Kenya7s squad for Dubai 7s and Cape Town 7s
1. Andrew Amonde (captain)
2. Jacob Ojee
3. Jeffrey Oluoch
4. Alvin Otieno
5. Nelson Oyoo
6. Vincent Onyala  
7. Johnstone Olindi
8. Willy Ambaka
9. Billy Odhiambo
10. Oscar Dennis
11. Daniel Taabu
12. Bush Mwale
13. Dan Sikuta


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