Kenya fifteens Team manager Simiyu Wangila speaks on the team's tactical approach ahead of the International test match against Spain. He is confident of a win as they have been doing alot at training.

"The only way to get a win is simple, cut on our mistakes. Against Tunisia, we almost had 45% to 55% mistakes and that is why we had alot of penalties against us and at one point Tunisia almost punished us but we managed to rectify our mistakes. We have worked on cutting our mistakes to around 25% to 15 %."

"We will work on our mistakes and play in the same pattern, then definately with less mistakes we will have an upper hand."

"Spain can punish you. Their backline is quite quick. Our backline is quite quick. We had poor support play while playing against Zimbabwe and Portugal. Now we have improved on that."

"I am confident that the boys are ready". Simiyu Wangila concluded.


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