Kevin Wambua Mwema Rugby Profile

Kevin Wambua Mwema

Kevin Wambua Mwema
Kevin Wambua Mwema Rugby Profile
Full Name Kevin Wambua Mwema
Club: Kenya 7s
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role manager
Position Assistant Coach
Status current
Profile views 4778
Age : 35 Years

Kevin Wambua Mwema.
Photo : Kevin Wambua Mwema.

Date of Birth : 8th October.
Nickname : Mablings.

Rugby Profession

He was appointed as Kenya 7s assistant head coach on 5th october 2018.
Former Kenya Lioness 7s head Coach
Kenya Lioness 15s Head Coach.
Kenya Lioness 7s Assiastant Coach.
Laiser Hill school Rugby Coach.
Player at Mwamba RFC.

Laiser Hill - Impressive record in 2014 and 2015 under Kevin Atandi Bonke and Kevin Wambua .
2014 metropolitan rugby 7s champions
2014 Nationals 7s runners up
2014 Prescott cup winners
2014 Floodlights winners
2014 & 2015 Mang'u opens champions
winning against national U19 rugby team
winners 2015 community rugby 7s (kibiku)
2015 metropolitan rugby 15s champions
2015 nationals 15s champions
2015 East African schools rugby champions
conceding only 3 tries in the fifteens season.

3rd August 2016 : Kevin Wambua was appointed as Mwamba RFC head coach.
September 2016 : Wambua took charge of Kenya Lionesses 7s team.


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