Edward Oloo Rugby Profile

Edward Oloo

Edward Oloo
Edward Oloo Rugby Profile
Full Name Edward Oloo
Club: Strathmore leos
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position Hooker
Status current
Profile views 3024
Age : 35 Years

Photo : Edward Oloo.
Photo : Edward Oloo.

High school: Laiser hill Academy.
Campus : N/A.
Date of Birth. 23/2/1997.
Nick name : Ayala.
Area of profession : Rugby.
Rugby positions : Hooker and Center.

Rugby interest : When he joined form one in 2010.
Start playing :  2010.
Role model : Innocent Simiyu.
Aspirations : To go Pro.

Edward Oloo is a humble, hardworking and always jovyal kind of guy.


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