Moses Begi Rugby Profile

Moses Begi

Moses Begi
Moses Begi Rugby Profile
Full Name Moses Begi
Club: Nondescripts RFC
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position Fullback
Status current
Profile views 3475
Age : 35 Years

Photo : Moses Begi.
Photo : Moses Begi.

High school : St. Joseph's High school, Githunguri.
Campus : Kenyatta University.
Date of Birth : 26th October 1993.
Nick name : Viriviri.
Area of profession : Records Management & information technology.
Position : wing & fullback.
Rugby Interest : back in 2010 in high school.
Begi started playing rugby in in 2011.
Role model : Joe Rocokoco, Dennis Mwanja and Vincent Mose.
Previous club : Blak Blad RC.
He Joined Nondies on 13th November 2017.

"My aspiration is to manage to play for the Kenya national team either in the 15s or 7s. I want to be a role model to others and inspire many to join in this beautiful sport hoping to also go professional. " ~ Moses Begi

Photo Moses Begi
Photo : Moses Begi

Moses "Viriviri" Begi is a God fearing, humble guy. He loves making fun and socializing with people.


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